A collection of feedback from my wedding couples over the years @Robs Dance”

  • Blake & Lani May 2023

“My now wife and I came to see Rob to learn a wedding dance. I had zero dancing experience and even halfway through had grave concerns it would be a success. Through Rob’s easy going nature, exceptional dance knowledge as well as patient teaching things came together and our dance routine was a huge surprise to our family and guests but a resounding success.Rob was accommodating to our schedule and flexible with planning our lessons. Could not recommend Rob highly enough for anyone considering lessons from him. We will remember and treasure the experience for a lifetime!”

  • Taylor & Lucas October 2022

“”Rob was a wonderful dance teacher for my wedding 🙂A month out, my husband and I started realising we were going to have to dance in front of everyone we care about and got very nervous.After only a few classes, my husband and I felt comfortable enough to dance our hearts out on the night (surprisingly given our lack of dance history, to lot’s of applause!). Rob choreographed a routine to our first dance song and taught us some killer moves.I would highly recommend Robs Dance to any soon to be wed couples. It was a highlight of wedding planning 🙂

  • Alana & Brad September 2022

We had dance lessons before our wedding here and we learned two different dances. One was the pulp fiction dance. Such fun lessons! Rob and Chrissy were lovely to work with and patient with us!
Our guests LOVED it!”

  • Eddie & Wendy (August 2022)

“Rob was my husband and my dance teacher for our wedding first dance. I am so glad we found him as he was very friendly, patient and helpful. He managed to teach us our wedding dance in a few lessons and was always open to hear our opinions. I would highly recommend him to any couple looking to learn a first dance. Especially any beginners as well as I had minimal dancing experience.”

Andre & Rachel (2022)

“Rob did a great job teaching my wife and I how to do a special first dance at our wedding. We just gave him the song and he showed us how to dance to it. He was very patient and practical in his teaching method. In just 4 lessons he taught us enough to perform flawlessly at the wedding. Thanks Rob, you are the best!”

  • Hong & Guang (2022)

Rob helped teach my (now) wife and I a routine for our first dance. Rob was a fantastic teacher, helping us put together a set to match our abilities (basic) and dance experience (none). Rob was extremely flexible and patient and we would highly recommend for new dancers such as ourselves.

  • Kristen & Jacob June 2022

We had the pleasure of taking lessons over zoom from Rob Baile and Chrissy Palantzas, as I live in the states now. They taught us a dance choreography in 4 weeks that we performed at my 32nd birthday party! It was so much fun and we learned a lot! The fact that we could pull it off in 4 weeks after not dancing for years was a testament to their dance skill and superb instruction, even over zoom!

  • Phoebe & Tim (April 2022)

‘Highly recommend Rob as a dance teacher! We are beginners and booked some private lessons to learn some moves for our wedding. He was incredibly patient, helpful and responsive to our ideas. We’re very grateful that we took the lessons with Rob!’


* Kane & Kayleigh May 2021

We were so fortunate to find Rob to take us teach us over 4 weeks a beautiful dance for our wedding. My Husband is not a dancer at all and Rob was patient, friendly and knew how to keep Kane feeling relaxed throughout. The studio also had everything you could’ve wanted with perfect flooring, sound system and effects with mirrors. Would highly recommend Rob and his studio for dance lessons or to hire out! Thank you so very much.


* Lauren & Caleb April 2021

Rob, what can I say, you’re the man who can correct two left feet on two people. You created the perfect first dance for my husband and I, pushing us outside of our comfort zones and for good reason.

You always believed in us even when we thought we would never master the dance. You have so much patience and encouraging words, great dancing tips and such great vision of how it will all work in the end. You were always so supportive and asked for our feedback and made sure we were comfortable.

Thank you so much for helping my husband and I bond further and learn something together. You encouraged us to have fortnightly dance dates and work toward an end goal. The dance you choreographed for us was the talk of the night!

Thank you so much Rob, you’re an absolute legend!

– The Hiltons.


* Viki & Han Jan 2019

Han and I wanted to do something special for our wedding day, so we choose our favourite song ‘Por Una Cabeza’ as the first dance.

But we both had no dance experience before and were very shy about dancing in front of audiences. So we went to Rob for dance lessons ahead of our wedding. Rob did help us a lot, in the beginning, we do not expect too much on the final result because tango is quite difficult for us. However, as a professional and patient teacher, Rob is able to isolate and explain the moves in detail making them easy to learn and remember. He is very respectful and friendly when he was teaching and always encourage us during the lessons. We created a fantastic memory on our wedding day, all the guests are surprised by the final performance. We couldn’t do this without Rob’s help, we would recommend him to anyone who plans to make their first dance stunning and memorable.


* Mark & Jessica September 2018

We walked in to Robs private dance class with no idea how to dance, and much to our own surprise, danced our way out! We were both nervous but wanted the perfect first dance at our surprise wedding. Rob made every lesson fun and easy. He taught us to dance the perfect dance in just 7 weeks! Nothing but support, laughs and good times. We created memories to last a lifetime, and that’s with huge thanks to Rob. Would 100% recommend! Jess & Mark.

JessSMark wedding dance

* Katherine & Ming September 2018

Amazing dance teacher! We booked dancing lessons with Rob as we needed help with our first wedding dance. Both my husband and I had absolutely no experience with dancing. Rob was so patient and he explained everything in a way that was easy for us to follow. We cannot recommend him highly enough!! We would love to come back just for social dance events as it was so much fun!


* Peter & Melissa May 2018

“My husband Peter and I were married in May 2018 and asked Rob to help us with our bridal waltz. He was very patient with both of us, especially as Peter was new to dancing and taught us some great moves to make into a routine for our special day. We had an absolute blast learning the steps with Rob and cannot thank him enough for his help! Thank you so much!”


* Zach & Marilyn May 2018

“Rob’s private wedding dance classes were exactly what we were looking for for our surprise choreographed first dance. Neither of us had any prior ballroom dance experience and Rob’s lessons not only allowed us to perform a beautiful dance choreographed by him but also wow’d all our guests on the day! He made the steps easy to follow, personalised the classes to the individual’s wishes and abilities as well as making it affordable. One of our best wedding decisions!”


* Dave & Amy (Father-Daughter dance) November 2017


“Thanks for teaching us and giving me the confidence to strut my stuff with my beautiful daughter on her special day”

* Matt & Emma November 2017


“We had no dance experience when we started getting dance lessons with Rob, 8 weeks out from our wedding. We didn’t want to have an awkward performance where we shuffled around the stage on our wedding night and are so so happy we found Rob. In 8 weeks we had a full choreographed routine to a song of our choice and we actually felt confident dancing to it! We went from complete novices to dancing up a storm, with a routine that had plenty of twirls, dips and other ‘fancy’ moves that we never thought we’d have time to learn. I honestly believe the level we managed to get to was all thanks to Rob’s approachable teaching style, he has a great way of demonstrating and explaining things and is completely adaptable to the couple. Both myself and my husband can’t recommend him highly enough. We nailed our performance at our wedding reception and we owe it all to Rob. “

* James & Sarah October 2017


We thoroughly enjoyed our dance lessons with Rob. He made it really easy to learn for a beginner. We found his choreography fun, imaginative and he was very flexible to include what we liked. Rob really helped to make our wedding dance special.

Thanks again ☺ Sarah and James

* Ian & Aileen September 2017


Ian and I were wanting to learn a dance for our wedding, so we consulted Rob to help us achieve this.  Rob and I have been dancing friends for many years, so I knew that he
would be the perfect teacher for Ian and myself.  As Ian was new to dancing, I was wanting a routine that was simple, but effective.  We started weekly lessons with Rob several months before our wedding day.  This was the best decision that we could make, as after a few months we had learnt the whole routine, and there was still approximately 2 months until our wedding.  We used this time to perfect the dance with Rob’s help, and there was also time for Ian to learn a few freestyle moves to use with our wedding guests on the night.

* Andrew & Danne August 2017


Rob was incredible to work with! We had a particular song in mind for our First Dance as husband and wife and Rob choreographed our whole dance routine! It had all of our guests in absolute awe! Nothing was too hard for Rob! He went above and beyond to ensure our dance went to plan – He also prepared us for any distractions we might’ve encountered! Would recommend Rob in a heart beat!

* Vish & Vannessa July 2017

Vish & Vannessa2

“We want to thank Rob for all his hard work helping us prepare our first dance as husband and wife. Rob was very professional and very well prepared during the lessons. My husband and I are not professional dancers and we were struggling to plan our first dance, we only took a few dancing lessons a couple of years ago and we found it difficult to come up with the right steps for the song we had selected. Luckily we found Rob, we told him which song we wanted and he put together a wonderful dance, he was always very helpful and really was able to make it easy for us. Rob was always very friendly. We highly recommend Rob if you are looking for a dance instructor or if you are planning a dance for your big day.” Thank you again Rob      

Hank & Zané June 2017


We were extremely happy with Rob’s Dance Brisbane who not only taught us the basics of ballroom dancing but also choreographed our own unique wedding first dance. Rob was very approachable and his teaching was rather creative and always professional. His teachings were adaptable to different learning styles to cater for different types of learners which my husband and I are. His dance studio is spacious with aircon and the various lighting creates the simulation of a real performance. We would highly recommend his services to anyone.

* Sam & Dawn May 2017


“Dawn and I wanted something special for our wedding, and Rob choreographed a dance especially for us based on the music we chose. Both of us did not have any dance experience, but Rob was very patient when teaching. Rob was very respectful when he wanted to show us each move, and he rotated between playing the female and male part of each dance. Throughout the lessons, Rob continuously encouraged us to have fun with dancing. Dawn and I really enjoyed our dance lessons with Rob, and even today, we still break out into random episodes of dancing.”

* Pete & Leah January 2017


“We wanted to do something a little different for our first wedding dance and so we enlisted the help of Rob! An incredible teacher, so patient and enthusiastic with every dance lesson. Both of us had never danced before but were keen to give anything a go. After giving Rob our song choice he choreographed a beautiful modern jive dance that suited us completely. We not only wowed and surprised all of our guests but had multiple in tears. Turn an anxious moment into one of your finest. You won’t regret it. “

Peter and Leah 

* Duy & Rosalie August 2016


“My husband (then fiance) and I went to Rob to get help with our wedding dance. We both had very little dance experience and were both very shy about performing in front of other people. Rob was a great teacher who was very patient and helped us a lot. He choreographed a beautiful dance that fit in so well with our chosen music and was suited to our dance abilities. He was also very flexible with changes to the choreography to meet our wants. The dance was simple but romantic and beautiful. Our guests loved the dance and we received so many wonderful compliments.”  Married 20th August 2016


Rosalie and Duy Nam

* Rob & Rachael April 2016

“Myself and my fiancé went to Rob for dance lessons ahead of our wedding day. We brought Rob our song and he choreographed a dance that suited our ability and style. With only one of us ever having had dancing experience, Rob was both patient and professional, helping us achieve a great result in the end. At our wedding, we received a number of compliments on the dance- we couldn’t have done it without him!!”

* Mitch & Rahni March 2016


“Rob was a fantastic teacher and choreographer for our wedding dance! I’ve had a little bit of dance experience (still beginner level) and I’ve never performed as I’m not comfortable with the attention. Mitch had only had a few lessons a long time ago. Rob was able to choreograph a simple but impressive dance routine to a song of our choice and taught us in only 3 jam packed lessons. We received so many comments from our friends and family like, “that was like dancing with the stars” and “the dance was the highlight of the whole evening”. We never should’ve wasted our money trying to impress them with great food and ample drinks… it was the dance that stole the show! Thanks Rob for being so awesome and making us both feel comfortable to perform.”

 * Kevin & Sally October 2015

Sophie Baker Photography©
Sophie Baker Photography©

“Kevin and I are so happy that we went to you for our wedding dance lessons. We were able to surprise and amaze our guests with our wonderful dance moves on the night. Rob, you were incredibly patient with us – going over moves several times until our feet didn’t get tangled or confused anymore. You always made us feel at ease and comfortable during the lessons and always encouraged us throughout our dance lessons. You were always accommodating of our schedules and we were able to contact you quickly via email or phone if we had to make any changes to our schedules or had any questions. Rob, you are an amazing dance chorographer and instructor. I will be recommending you to all of my friends who plan on having a special wedding dance at the reception.”

 * Sam & Craig October 2015

Sam Craig

“My husband and I booked in with Rob to learn a modern Jive for our first dance at our wedding. We were both nervous as neither of us had done partner dancing before and after the first lesson with Rob the nerves were gone! he was such a pleasure and made every move easy to understand. Everyone at our wedding was amazed at how well we did our first dance and the moves we were able to pull off!

We cannot speak highly enough of Rob he was so patient, funny, thorough every lesson was such a joy. We had so much fun doing this together we are going to continue to see Rob after this for more lessons! “

  * Nathan & Rachael – September 2015


“Rob put us together a short dance routine for our wedding. The dance was simple to learn, but very impressive to the audience. Rob has impressive knowledge in dance and a relaxed teaching style. We very much enjoyed our lessons with Rob and hope to take up dancing in the future. We highly recommend Rob’s Dance to put together a unique and interesting first dance for your wedding!”

  * Charles & Erin – May 2015


“My husband I booked in dance classes with Rob to be able to do the waltz (and a bit of Modern Jive) at our wedding.  I had some experience previously with dance but my husband Charles (then fiance!) hadn’t danced before at all.  Best thing about Rob – he doesn’t stuff around or waste time.  We got straight into what we needed to do and were soon dancing to our chosen wedding song!  Rob is just so talented – even able to teach Charles through dancing the “female” steps with him to find out where either Charles or I were going wrong.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Rob – he is patient, thorough and witty.  He also immediately made my somewhat nervous fiancé feel relaxed and comfortable.

Rob was also flexible with the appointment times we made and we visited both him at his dance studio on his property plus he was kind enough to come to us in our home as well.  I can’t tell you how simple this makes the process when my husband and I both work full time!

Thank you Rob – the reactions we got from our friends and family as we did our little turns and spins were divine!  We still remember the steps too so look forward to dancing at other peoples weddings in future. – Erin & Charles King.”

* Steve & Tomika – February 2013


“This is just a small message to say a massive THANK YOU for helping my dad and I prepare a little something special for our father – daughter dance!! You were patient and made the whole experience leading up to the night such a delight!! I would also like to thank you for teaching Steve and I just a few little steps that we could do throughout our dance so we didn’t do the dreaded sway back and forth for the whole dance. I would highly recommend you to anyone!! Thank you so much once again!”

* John & Wendy – 10 January 2013
John & Wendy Ford (8)

“John booked our initial dance lesson as a birthday present to me because I have always wanted to learn to dance. We went with the idea of learning a few basic steps so that when we went to a function we could get on the dance floor with some degree of confidence.  That is over 6 months ago now.  We enjoyed ourselves that much that we have continued to come back every week.  We have learnt many different dance styles, our favourites being the modern jive and waltz.
Rob is a very patient teacher and takes the time to make sure you feel confident with each step before you move on.  At no time do you feel self conscious or that you are not picking things up fast enough.  Our dance lessons have become the highlight of our week, where we have heaps of fun and lots of laughs.
We would recommend Rob to anyone wanting to take dance lessons, he is a fantastic teacher and will help you enjoy the experience of learning to dance. “

* Andrew & Inneke – 25 November 2012


“Andrew and I are getting married in March next year.
We decided that we should get some dance lessons because we want our wedding dance to be something memorable.
In August this year, we started our private lessons with Rob. He is a good teacher, who is able to demonstrate the moves in detail making them easy to learn.
Rob’s vast experience in different dance styles makes his teaching sessions more casual and structured to suit your abilities.
Since Andrew and I have started our lessons, we have learnt many different moves, to suit a variety of musical situations.
We couldn’t have chosen a better instructor.”

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