Why Men Should Dance (2015/16)


A book for men of all ages and of course their partners, sisters, daughters, mothers and friends! This book encourages men to give dance a go, at least once and also dispels many of the reasons men give as to why they don’t want to try. Includes opinions from the dancing community!


Some survey responses from the dance community!


  1. What do you like the most about a guy who dances?
  2. What would you say to men unsure about whether to come to their first dance class?
  3. Why do you dance?


  1. The best thing about a guy who dances is that they are usually confident because they need to know how to lead. They are fun because dancing is fun, they are outgoing, most likely perceptive and not afraid to show feelings.
  2. I dance because I had the opportunity to go along to dance classes when I was younger and I loved the community, the vibe of the whole thing, the challenges, the goals we work to achieve, the music, and being able to keep my body fit and healthy while having fun. Dancing just makes me happier overall.


  1. They are generally healthy happy people.
  2. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Commit to at least 6 classes they’ll be the hardest classes but after that it gets easier.
  3. Dancing makes me happy and keeps me moving.


  1. Men who dance have a confidence about them which is very attractive and fun.
  2. Force yourself to learn some basic moves. Keep coming back.
  3. I don’t dance anymore and I really miss it.


  1. Men who dance are great in social situations, they are generally confident enough to chat to new people.
  2. Give it a go, everyone feels a bit overwhelmed at the beginning but it is great fun.
  3. For fitness, fun and meeting new people.


  1. I like that a guy is confident to ask me to dance and that he is polite. I like that he can lead me on the dance floor without words. I like that he can make me feel good (and hopefully look good).
  2. Do it! It’s a great way to meet people, have fun, be social, stay fit and be a part of something.
  3. I dance because I’m passionate about music- it excites my spirit and always makes me smile. I also love the connection with other people- it’s intimate but not at the same time.


  1. I like a guy who dances because it means they are musical and they like to have fun and express themselves through music. A guy who dances well comes across as confident and in charge and girls like to be led well by a guy who knows where he’s headed, not only on the dance floor, but in life too. It also teaches a guy how to be a gentleman as they need to ask a lady to dance and they have to know how to treat, hold and guide a lady correctly.
  2. You only live once.
  3. Through dance you get to not only listen to the music but feel the music. It releases negative tension and helps you relax while having fun. You also get to meet a range of people.


  1. He has no fear of his sexuality. He is confident and enjoys a healthy hobby
  2. I guess I’d have to ask what makes you unsure? What are they scared of? And if it’s something like two left feet, I’d tell them that EVERYONE can be taught how to dance. Some people may take more time than others but absolutely everyone can learn
  3. I dance for a multitude of reasons; sometime to lose myself into some beautiful rhythm. Sometimes to lift a bad mood. Sometimes to burn excess energy. Sometimes to see my friends. Sometimes to challenge myself


  1. I like it when men dance because they have a passion for it; when they have no ulterior motive but for the sheer enjoyment of dancing. It effects the way they move and how they respond to their partners. If a person is learning to dance because they’re trying to pick up, they’re in it for the wrong reason.
  2. I dance because I cannot not dance. Dance has given me so much: new friends, new skills, new music tastes. It can clear my mind and shakes away the blues like nothing else can. I dance when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m stressed. Dance makes me feel free. Dance gives me a way to express myself and I can’t imagine my life without it.


  1. There is nothing more appealing and charming than a guy who can dance! Oh and if he smells good… done deal in my eyes!
  2. I would say to them “give it a go… if you don’t like it then try something else but at least you gave it a go J “
  3. I LOVE IT! Dancing is like laughter… its medicine for the soul!


  1. A man that dances is more likely to be well-rounded in his personality
  2. Try it – you have nothing to lose. It might be the thing that changes your world!
  3. It’s fun, active, social, and good for the soul!


  1. I can dance with him lol. It’s just really attractive and exciting because you connect in a completely different way.
  2. I would say just do it but make sure you keep coming to enough dances that you learn to lead and at least one dip. That way you can impress any girl on any dance floor.
  3. I dance because it makes me feel very free and alive. It just makes me happy.


1. A man who is interested in dancing shows that he is interested in the world. A lot of men say they can’t dance, however just trying a class that is friendly and open helps to build confidence, meet new people and have a good time. Learning a new skill and putting yourself in a new environment helps to build character and confidence especially if you enjoy it.

2. Excellent opportunity to meet new people. If you are shy it allows you to practice social skills, talking, laughing. Everyone is awkward and giving it a go but they are still having fun.

3. I originally started to try something new. I enjoyed the interaction with people and it felt like every time I went, seeing the same people was like a second family to unwind, have a laugh, try something new.